Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, Yoda has the Force, Batman has his Cave,
but Nothing Compares to the MacTribe Client Zone!

  • What Is The Client Zone All About?
    On this page you will find the download to the remote application we use to help view your screen, operate your mouse and keyboard. If you have never experienced a remote session before, watch the movie ‘Ghost’ with Patrick Swayze. Pretty much the same thing!
  • How Secure Are Remote Sessions?
    Extremely. We exclusively use TeamViewer which boasts many awards and features for its security. Teamviewer is consistently developed and updated, all sessions are encrypted and require two factor authentication making it very secure. See more here
  • What Happens On a Remote Session?
    A remote session starts with some instructions from our team on how to get software up and running. Shortly after downloading, send us your ID and we’ll create a session to log in with you. During the session, keep TeamViewer open and watch the magic unfold.

Remote Support

To get started with a remote session, please click on one of the followings.

MacTribe Knowledge Base

We've put together our favourite support tools below. Feel free to have a browse.